Robotic vacuums are not only cool, but they're useful as well. Who wouldn't want to leave the cleaning to a cute little robotic disc? We liked the Roborock S6, and in Amazon's Deal of the Day, the Roborock S6 Pure vacuum/mop has been marked down to $399.99, but you can save an extra $40 with an additional coupon using a single click.

The Roborock S6 Pure packs a powerful 2000Pa of suction with an automatic carpet boost that switches to full power mode for deeper cleaning of carpets. It uses LiDAR navigation for comprehensive cleaning of the entire home, and you can designate no-go areas for the little robot to avoid. Specific rooms can also be scheduled for cleaning at certain times, which comes in handy. And it even has a 180ml water tank that it can use to mop the floor after it's cleaned.

The 5,200mAh battery should help the vacuum last up to 3 hours and clean up to 2,152 square feet on a single charge. And it supports Amazon Alexa voice commands that make it easy to use hands-free and show off how smart your home is to all your buddies.

If you're ready to make your life less messy, head on over to Amazon and pick up the Roborock S6 Pure while it's on sale today for the low price of $359.99.