If you've been keeping an eye on drone news lately, it's hard to miss the extensive leaks that revealed the new Mini 2. It's an upgrade to the original Mavic Mini — sans the Mavic name — released almost exactly one year ago. The model immediately gained popularity for coming in just under the weight limit requiring registration with the FAA, TCCA, and some other airspace authorities. DJI has now made it official and is opening up orders.

The Mini 2 has a lot in common with the original, including the same folding design that weighs less than 249 grams. However, it has been upgraded in a series of substantial ways. The new model moves from a Wi-Fi signal to the more reliable OcuSync 2.0 for a better wireless transmission, and flight time even inched up to 31 minutes from 30 minutes.

The 12MP camera sensor also grew a bit larger for better low-light performance. It can now capture 4K/30fps at up to 100 Mbps bitrate, which is a pretty big improvement from the 2.7K at just 40Mbps of the previous model. Stills used to be limited to JPEG-only, but the Mini 2 will also be able to capture RAW photos.

Like all of DJI's drones, there are several software features for smart and automated flight and shooting. The Mini 2 supports several QuickShot modes, automated panoramas, HDR photos, and a timer mode. DJI has also added a new direct download mode for quickly moving photos and videos to your phone at up to 20MB/s (no remote required).

You can order the Mavic Mini 2 right now with the standard kit for $450. Most drone owners will tell you to get the Fly More Combo for $599 just for the bag and extra batteries, not to mention the other accessories that are also included. DJI is also selling the ever-popular propeller guards, a sticker kit, and other custom add-ons. You can also get a $10 coupon if you use my referral link when you buy.

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