Google has wrapped up its Audience Measurement program, one that operated in a similar way to how a ratings company like Nielsen tracks media consumption. Participants who were incentivized to use the Screenwise Meter app to record their web browsing habits are being told to offload the software and claim their rewards within the next month.

You may recall Screenwise Meter as the subject of a spat between Apple and Google in 2019 where the latter was caught improperly distributing the consumer-facing app on iOS using an enterprise certificate meant for internal dogfooding.

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Audience Measurement panelists were recently notified of the program's termination and told that their activity was no longer being metered nor were they receiving any more points. Panelists with $5 or more in their rewards balance are being encouraged to redeem gift cards. Those with less than $5 will get an Amazon gift card in their current amount.

The given redemption deadline was listed as December 2 in some places and December 3 in at least one other.

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