The new Google Assistant on the Pixel 4, 4a, and 5 is much faster and more capable than the regular voice control interface on other Android phones. It's tightly integrated with system functions, allowing you to use it to reply to messages and interact with apps without ever touching your screen. We also covered that the advanced Assistant can even power voice typing in Gboard. After a brief period of a wider rollout, it appears that Google is halting the update again and reverting back to the old voice typing experience for many.

The new voice typing experience could briefly be turned on via voice when Gboard is visible by saying, "Hey Google, type." The microphone button in the top right corner of the keyboard will light up with the familiar blue background, but the colorful Assistant ribbon at the bottom will remain visible. If you're not happy with what the Assistant understood, say "clear" to start all over — Gboard even hints that you can do as much. You can also order it to "send" or "delete," both of which are rather self-explanatory actions. On top of these time savers, the new Assistant promises faster reaction times and automatic punctuation.

If you can't spot this new integration on your Pixel phone just yet, go to Gboard's settings and look for the voice typing section. If you're lucky, you'll find the Enhanced voice typing and the Auto punctuation toggle in there, which you can activate to get in on the new Assistant-powered voice typing. You'll most likely see a prompt on top of Gboard once the feature has rolled out to you like the one above, so there isn't necessarily a need to head to settings.

The Assistant-powered voice typing was rolling out via a server-side switch, but it looks like it's been pulled for now — you'll have to be patient. Many people who had it for a while now don't see it anymore. Keep in mind that the feature is limited to the Pixel 5, 4a (5G), and 4, which are also the only phones coming with the new Assistant.

Rollout halted and old voice typing back for most

As 9to5Google and many of our commenters down below report, it looks like Google has paused the rollout and reverted to the regular voice typing experience for most people. It's possible that the company encountered a few issues that need to be addressed before a wider release.

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Gboard - the Google Keyboard
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