Tor Browser is a web browser that routes all your network requests through the encrypted Tor network, intended to provide complete anonymity. Browsing the web with Tor used to require the Orbot and Orfox apps, until they were combined into the single Tor Browser last year. Tor Browser has now received a significant update, switching to the codebase used by the new Firefox for Android.

Mozilla started rolling out its new Firefox app for Android (also called 'Fenix') to everyone earlier this year, and the Tor Project has been working since April to switch its Android browser to the new codebase. The app now is based on Firefox 82.1.1, and uses Tor version to connect to the internet. There are also a few privacy extensions built-in, just like with the desktop browser.

"Having achieved feature-parity with the previous Tor Browser for Android," the Tor Project said in a blog post, "we will continue working on closing the gap with Tor Browser for Desktop. That includes implementing the "Circuit Display" and "New Identity" features, as well as supporting the Onion-Location header and short ".tor.onion" URLs, among others. Stay tuned!"

The new version is rolling out on the Play Store, and you can also download the APK from the Tor website and distribution directory.