Tasker has long been one of the best apps for Android customization, but with so many options and possibilities available, it can seem a bit overwhelming for newcomers. The latest beta release of the app, version 5.11.6, lays the groundwork for a simpler interface called Tasky that promises to deliver the power of Tasker without any advanced technical knowledge required.

Two new concepts are being introduced with this beta: profile variables and task variables. These variables can be included in Tasker projects so that users spend less time on setting up profiles and more time actually reaping the rewards once everything's up and running. Now when you import a project, profile, or task that has these variables, Tasker will prompt you to configure them right away without having to dig around in the app itself.

This is all in service of developer João Dias's goal to launch a simplified version called Tasky in the future, which he shared a bit about on a podcast last week. Essentially, Tasky will work just like Tasker, but instead of allowing users to create their own customizations and potentially break their devices, this version will only allow users to import pre-made projects with variables that can be easily set up using the features introduced in this latest beta.

Of course, there are also bug fixes and other improvements included in this release, like allowing the Google Drive Download action to download from the root folder on Drive. Most users probably shouldn't install a beta version, but if you're an advanced user who wants to get a look at these new additions in action, you can download the 5.11.6 beta from APK Mirror, Dropbox, or the Play Store. If you're curious about Tasker and want to check it out now, make sure to read through our beginner's guide to Tasker.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49