It's only been about two months since Motorola announced the Moto G9 Play, but it looks like the successor to that budget device is already on the horizon. New leaks have surfaced that reveal key specs of the upcoming device, including a slightly downgraded battery size, a new hole punch selfie camera, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

The device, which has a model number of XT-2117, is likely to be unveiled as the Moto G10 Play. It shares a lot of similarities with the previous G9 Play, including a triple-camera rear setup centered near the top of the device. The screen size is the same 6.5 inches, but the centered waterfall notch has been replaced with a hole punch in the left hand corner, much like the new Pixel devices. Unlike those phones, the supposed G10 Play sports a beefy bottom chin, reminding us that it's a device aimed at the budget market.

The XT-2117 moves the fingerprint reader from the back of the phone to a side-mounted position — not something I'm a fan of, but I'm sure it will be an improvement to some people. Motorola is keeping the 3.5mm jack around in a win for wired enthusiasts. But unfortunately, it looks like this device will have a downgraded battery life compared to the G9 Play. That phone packed in a 5,000mAh cell, while the G10 Play seems to only include a 4,850mAh battery. It's not a major loss, but when an upgraded model drops in battery life, that's not a great thing.

According to leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, the device should be officially announced within the next few weeks. If it is going to be the Moto G10 Play, it certainly seems strange that Motorola is unveiling it so soon after the last generation — and with a smaller battery than before. At least it might come in this pretty purple-ish blue color?