If you're somewhat wary of your privacy and don't want Google to keep track of all the sites you've visited, you're probably very familiar with Chrome's incognito mode, which allows you to navigate the web in a private session, preventing sites from accessing local cookies, and also removing all temporary data when you're done. While this is very useful for a variety of purposes — I'll let your imagination run wild, Chrome didn't allow users to take screenshots while going incognito until now. Thankfully, this is about to change.

A thread in Chromium's reported bugs shows the developers are looking at fixing this issue. However, as the process works on an external dependency, they will first add a flag to grant the ability to take screenshots while using incognito mode. As you might have guessed, you'd have to enable the flag manually before this works, until Google fully fixes the issue.

This is great progress, though, as I've personally been confronted with this issue when browsing content I don't want to be saved in my history and wanting to share a screenshot. There's no clear indication on when the feature will roll to all users, but it should take a few weeks until developers can fix that external dependency issue. In the meantime, the new flags should roll out very soon, so stay tuned if you really need that feature.