When your internet is working properly, you shouldn't have to think about it. That's what Google's goal was when it released its Nest Wifi system last year. We really liked it, and now DailySteals is offering a Nest Wifi router and an additional point for just $229.99 when you use our special code.

This Nest Wifi mesh system, comprised of a router and a point, provides reliably fast connection speeds that covers homes up to 3,800 square feet in size. The point also doubles as a Google Assistant speaker, which makes it easy to play music, hear the latest news, or just ask silly questions to a virtual assistant.

Equipped with 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands, this system should see your network get a lot speedier. There are even bonus perks that enable you to prioritize a device when needed, and pause the network when you're eating a family dinner or just mad at everyone. And because it's a Google product, it works great with the Google Home app and other Nest products.

This is a manufacturer refurbished model, so Google has given it the green light — and a full 90 day warranty. It's listed for $249.99 on DailySteals, but you can save an additional twenty bucks by using the code APNWIFI at checkout. And feel free to browse our full review for the rundown on what to expect for your money.