Google Fi presents a pretty good value, offering a decent price for cell service, and good promos to boot. And as a multi-network MVNO, you get service through several different carriers depending on where you are, which can mean a better overall signal than simply being locked to a single carrier, but that isn't always true. In fact, troubleshooting connectivity issues when you do run into them on Google Fi is quite a pain, but thanks to a new update that's rolling out right now, it should be a little easier going forward.

Left: the new option in Support. Right: The troubleshooting process itself. 

Spotted yesterday by one of our tipsters, a new "troubleshoot connection issues" section is showing up in the Support tab for the Google Fi app. Tap it and you can start an automated troubleshooting process that will "run some diagnostic tests to detect common problems with your connectivity," with the prompt claiming the process usually requires around 30 seconds. Some of the steps it may perform include checking that you have roaming enabled if you're outside of the country.

More troubleshooting steps.

If troubleshooting fails, an option to contact support is also presented, which can gather a bug report and other debugging data from the phone and submit it to Google Fi support, with the guarantee that it will be only used for troubleshooting, and will be deleted 30 days later.

According to 9to5Google, the new troubleshooting feature is Android 11-exclusive, but we haven't been able to separately confirm that. Although the change is part of the V33 app update rolling out now (available on APK Mirror if it hasn't hit you yet), the app itself reports compatibility with earlier versions of Android, and the feature either has another requirement or a server-side component/flag, as the new options do not appear on any devices with Google Fi in our testing, Android 11 or otherwise.

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