Telegram released a big update last month, adding search filters, channel replies, and more. It's almost Halloween now, but that doesn't mean the team is taking a break. In today's release of version 7.2, the popular messenger app is getting improvements to pinned messages, location sharing, seasonally-appropriate animated emoji, and more.

Multiple messages can now be pinned, with a tap on the top bar jumping between them. There's also a new button to view them all at once. And in a move that will be much appreciated, pinned messages are available in one-on-one chats now, not just channels and groups.

Location sharing updates are live in this version, too. Now when friends choose to share their live location, an alert can be set up when they're getting close so you don't have to keep your eyes glued to your phone. Plus, the icons on the live location map now show which direction both of you are facing to make sure you can easily spot them in the distance.

A number of other improvements are arriving in this update. When you send multiple songs at once, they'll be grouped together in a playlist, making them easier to listen to, forward, and comment on. Opening one of the songs queues them all up using the app's built-in media player. And when multiple files are sent together, they'll now be displayed in a single chat bubble — although the files can still be selected and viewed individually. For channel admins, there are new stats on individual posts, including a list of which public channels posts have been forwarded to.

Last month's update improved animations on Android, and this trend continues. Sending messages and switching songs in the music player will now look better thanks to smooth animations. And to make the meme making process a little easier, you'll be able to quickly edit and re-send a photo you've been sent without downloading and re-uploading it.

Finally, the Telegram team is getting into the October spirit with new animated emoji perfect for Halloween. From creepy crawling spiders to an empty coffin, these look ready to scare a smile out of anyone.

Halloween might be stranger than normal this year, but these new emoji animations should help make the day more festive — and the other features are welcome additions any day of the year. Telegram 7.2 should be rolling out via an update in the Play Store now, or you can download it from APK Mirror.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free