Add T-Mobile to the list of American carriers taking a chance on the LG Wing as it plans on selling the new-fangled swiveling phone starting November 6, just like AT&T is. Unlike Ma Bell, however, this carrier will try to sell its customers two Wings for the price of one.

The BOGO offer applies to new and existing customers with no upgrade or trade-in hurdle. You'll need to have both on 24-month installment plans — pay the full retail price of $1,000 on one, get monthly credits to cover the other. You can also just buy one by itself.

AT&T is offering up to a $550 discount with trade-in while Verizon, first to take on the well-equipped Wing, is offering a variety of promos so if you're shopping networks right now, keep that in mind.

T-Mobile subscribers can use the Wing to tap into the network's 600MHz and 2.5GHz 5G spectrum. They'll be able to choose between Aurora Gray and Illusion Sky colors, again, starting November 6.