Google released the Nest Secure in 2017 as a simple security system with motion sensors and a keypad, but it never received an upgrade, even as other Nest devices were updated again and again. Google has now confirmed to Android Police that the Nest Secure is discontinued, though it will continue functioning.

The product page for the Nest Secure on the Google Store was updated last week with a 'No longer available' message, possibly indicating it had been discontinued. Google later confirmed to Android Police that the Nest Secure system will no longer be sold, but it will continue to work for people who have already bought it.

While there was never a direct successor to the Nest Secure, some of Nest's other products have motion-sensing features, including various thermostats and the Nest Protect.

More sensors coming

Google has said in a support thread that even though the Secure alarm system is being discontinued, Google will release at least one more batch of Nest Detect sensors "in mid-December." Nest Tags remain available for purchase on the Google Store.