If you're eagerly waiting to get your hands on Samsung's 2021 flagship, new leaks have revealed a couple of details about it, showing the phone's potential design and release date. As this information isn't official, the actual Galaxy S21 may look different, but this leak still sheds some light as to what to expect early next year.

Based on the images, the phone's front hasn't changed much compared to its predecessor, with the future device looking very similar to the S20, including its punch-hole at the center of the screen to house the selfie camera. The back, however, has been lifted, with a new camera setup that appears to extend from the frame creating a relatively thick bump, estimated at 1.1mm. The number of shooters, however, has remained the same, with three cameras at the back, at least on the "standard" S21. According to Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks), the device should boast a flat 6.2-inch display and measure about 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm.

More importantly, the rumors hint the handset could be unveiled in January 2021, which is significantly sooner than usual. Also, even though only the S21's design has surfaced so far, the company is still expected to launch three devices, including "Plus" and "Ultra" models.

There's a lot that remains unknown about Samsung's future flagship, including its battery size and details specs. Its name is also unconfirmed so far, as we're unsure whether it will be called the Galaxy S21 or S30. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the company's upcoming lineup.

As mentioned above, Samsung is very likely to announce an S21 Ultra, alongside the "regular" model. The higher-end device has just leaked, revealing further details about the upcoming lineup.

The images show the S21 Ultra should come with a curved display, measuring between 6.7 and 6.9-inches. The larger display means the phone would also be bigger than the S21, measuring approximately 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm.

The main difference in design is on the rear side of the handset, with a humongous 1.9mm-thick camera module bulging from its back. The latter houses four sensors, together with the LED light, which interestingly is not part of the camera setup on the "standard" S21.

Finally, the S21 Ultra doesn't seem to have an S-Pen slot, which probably means it won't ship with one. It's unclear whether the device could still be compatible with Samsung's stylus, but even if it turns out to be, you'd have to carry it separately.

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In case the above images weren’t enough for you, you can also admire the upcoming flagship in 360 degrees in the below video. It shows how similar to the S20 the front of the device is, while the camera module stands out on the back.

As mentioned initially, these renders do not necessarily reflect the final product, given that Samsung can still make further adjustments before validating its definitive design. New leaks reveal the company has come up with a different camera setup on what appears to be the Galaxy S21 Ultra, by adding yet another sensor to the rear module.

Left: Previous render without the fifth sensor — Right: Latest render with the new sensor

It's unclear whether this new addition is supposed to be a camera or something else, but what's even more surprising is the very awkward positioning of the LED light. The latter is squeezed in between two holes, instead of being simply and neatly placed in the bottom right corner.

Again, these renders may not reflect the final product, which can still change before it's officially approved. I really hope Samsung does fix that LED light's positioning, especially given how much effort the company usually puts in its handsets' design.