Remember when Yahoo became a carrier? Well, it still is a carrier — we have parent company Verizon to thank for that. Yahoo Mobile offers a $40/mo. unlimited plan (with caveats)and, now, it can sell you a phone to go with that Big Red cell service. That phone is the ZTE Blade A3Y.

ZTE? Indeed, ZTE is still making phones for the U.S. market even though it's under the specter of the government's scrutiny. Those tensions seem to have died down in recent times with the coronavirus pandemic, but alas, we've ended up with this Android 10 phone.

It has a 5.45" 2:1 720p display, a MediaTek quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a single (!) 8MP camera on the back, a 5MP selfie shooter, a capacitive fingerprint sensor, and a 2,660mAh battery. Oh, and it has own-brand bloatware: Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Weather.

If you would like to venture into Yahoo Mobile with its first exclusive phone, you can trade your current phone in to get the A3Y for free or get it for the introductory price of $50 (FRP: $100).