It may feel like years since Google's Launch Night In event, but it's actually been just under a month. Folks waiting since that reveal for the $500 4a 5G to go on sale have had to wade through reviews and editorials without the means to actually buy one — at least, here in the US. But as of today, pre-orders for the Pixel 4a 5G are now open.

If you want our opinion, the 4a 5G is a better choice over even Google's $700 Pixel 5, packing the same chipset with a bigger (but less smooth) screen, the same cameras, and even a headphone jack. You give up on some features, like wireless charging, an IP rating, a couple gigs of RAM, and a better build quality, but we're not quite sure the differences there are really worth an extra $200.

There is a $239 discount on the Verizon-exclusive and more expensive mmWave 5G model (on contract for 24 months, for new lines, etc.), but we don't think it's worth the extra hundred bucks over the sub-6 5G version, which is otherwise $500 when purchased outright. Pre-orders are available at multiple retailers, as well, so you aren't limited to purchasing from just the Google Store. And although Google offers a trade-in program, you're better off not using it.

Google previously told us that phones would ship by November 19th, so you still have a wait ahead of you before the Pixel 4a 5G is in your pocket, but it's easy for us to recommend in the meantime.