The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a great smartwatch and my personal favorite after using it since launch. Is was already a nice model back then, but Samsung's continued to bring it more and more features from newer models. If you thought the $250 starting price was steep, especially now that it's a year old, then you're in luck as Amazon has the majority of configurations available now for $70 off.

  • 40mm in black, silver, or gold: $180 ($70 off)/£235 (£35 off)
  • 44mm in black or gold: $200 ($70 off)/£240 (£50 off)
  • 44mm Golf Editon: $250 ($70 off)

The LTE models aren't discounted, so if that's what you're after, then you're out of luck. There's no indication of when this discount will end, or if it might be a permanent reduction (we wish). Regardless, it's a great price for an amazing smartwatch. If you've been eyeing one, now is the time to grab it.