Smart lights are a key part of a connected home. From voice control, to custom scheduling, to turning your bedroom into a disco party, they make mundane tasks more fun. Right now, Best Buy is offering a two-pack of full color smart bulbs for just $19.99, a full $25 off — and you don't even need a hub to take advantage of their smart features.

These bulbs work in traditional lighting fixtures designed for 60-Watt incandescent A19 bulbs, so they don't require any adapters or special sockets. And what's even better is that they work with any existing smart home hub — or none at all. Since they connect individually using wifi, there's no fancy setup required. Just download the C by GE app and you're good to go.

They integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa for quick voice control. Automations in the app allow you to schedule when the lights turn on and off, and the schedules can be customized for different days of the week. There's even a tunable white spectrum that can be adjusted to any color between warm, amber light tones (2000K) and cool, bluish tones (7000K) to support your sleep cycle.

This C by GE full color smart bulb two-pack is on sale for $19.99 right now at Best Buy. It's normally $44.99, so these are some pretty serious savings. Plus, it qualifies for the extended holiday return period, which means you have until January 16 to make a return if you find some fault with them.