Google is rolling out a set of new data-friendly features on Android TV to help users monitor and reduce their TV's bandwidth usage when connected to a hotspot instead of Wi-Fi. The features are coming to Xiaomi, TCL, and MarQ TVs in India in the next few weeks, but should be available globally afterward.

Chief among the additions is a new Data Saver mode under Network & Internet that can be enabled when connected to a hotspot. Google says it'll allow you to watch three times more content while keeping the same consumption. It would be cool if this was available on Wi-Fi networks as well because not everyone has huge data caps at home — my 100GB monthly is a good example of that.

A new alert is also joining the data saver. When enabled, you'll get a notification for each 100MB, 500MB, or 1GB that your TV uses while tethering.

Google is also adding a guide to help you connect your TV to your mobile hotspot as well as direct local network casting from the Files app on Android phones that shouldn't consume any data.

The new features seem to be linked to a new Android TV Data Saver app version, which is now available on the Play Store, but curiously not compatible with my Nvidia Shield nor my Xgimi MoGo projector. If you want to try it on your TV, you can manually grab it from APK Mirror. I tried that on both of my ATV units above, and even though the app installed fine, the settings menu isn't showing up for me, even when connected to a hotspot and after restarting the app and devices. Your mileage may vary.

Android TV Data Saver
Android TV Data Saver
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