Wyze makes some of the most affordable smart home gadgets you'll find, including cameras, locks, and thermostats. The company even has a pair of ANC headphones in the works, but now it's returning to its roots with an update that gives the basic Wyze camera some major improvements.

The Wyze Cam v3 looks like a substantial upgrade over the last generation, especially when it comes to low light video capabilities. The new camera is outfitted with a so-called "starlight sensor" that illuminates the dark areas in vivid detail and provides a much better nighttime viewing experience than previous models.

I try not to put too much faith in company-provided comparisons, but that's impressive. 

Additionally, the camera is now IP65 weather & dust resistant so it can be placed wherever it's needed most — indoors or outside. There's a mini siren inside now, too, that should be great for letting potential intruders know you see them or pranking your Grandma while she's carrying her notoriously delicate holiday fruit cake. Even the basics have been improved upon with a faster processor, wider field of view (130º), and smoother video playback at 20 FPS.


The Wyze Cam v3 is shipping next month for the same price as the last version: $19.99. It's available for pre-order now, and there are also some cool accessories that work with it to expand the functionality — you can even add a spotlight to the setup. If you're comfortable with Wyze's unique way of doing business, the Cam v3 seems like a no brainer.