Noise-canceling headphones make a big difference when working from home. Bose makes some of the best options around, and right now you can pick up a pair of its 700 headphones with Google Assistant support and 20 hours of battery life for just $254.96 from eBay with a special coupon code.

The Bose 700 headphones are only about a year old, so these are some seriously super savings. They sound great for music, and they should be excellent for taking calls — Bose says these headphones have "the most powerful microphone system for voice pickup." Other perks include compatibility with Bose AR, an audio augmented reality platform that seems vaguely like Spatial Audio on Airpods Pro, but works with more than just Apple products and has the potential to unlock more capabilities.

There are plenty of options onboard to tweak the audio experience to your liking, such as 11 separate levels of noise cancellation. Bose even has a dedicated app to customize the experience. These headphones might be refurbished, but you'd probably never know. They come professionally inspected, cleaned, and restored by the Bose, and ship in new packaging with the same accessories as if they were brand new.

If you're ready to experience the joy that comes with canceling out unwanted noise, head over to eBay and remember to use the coupon code PICKCR15 to get an extra 15% off.