Frightful times have fallen, and Google is getting into the swing of things with an array of special Halloween-themed 3D animals and objects. From a witchy cat wearing a pointy hat to a skeleton getting jiggy with it, summoning up some October thrills is now simply a search away.

Halloween may be a time to get kooky, but Google knows that cute animals are always in fashion. Three critters have gotten monstrous makeovers: the black cat dons a pointed magical hat, the German Shepherd gets a more piratical appearance (though it was probably already searching for buried booty), and the weiner dog is wearing, well, a weiner costume. To pull these cute and creepy creatures up for yourself, just do a Google search for "cat", "German Shepherd", or "hot dog" on your mobile device.

If animals in costumes aren't doing it for you, Google has a few more tricks up its sleeve: a classic sheet ghost, a set of jack o' lanterns, and a skeleton whose dancing might be the scariest thing I've seen all October. To get a look for yourself, search for "ghost", "jack o lantern", and "human skeleton."

Like other objects in Google's 3D AR collection, these new additions can be viewed in your own space, as well as experienced in 3D virtually — there's even fun soundtrack accompaniment. And for an extra bit of lulz, you can capture photos and videos of the creatures as they move around your location. 👀