Anker makes a lot of products like phone chargers and accessories, but the company also sells robotic vacuum cleaners under its Eufy brand. While that's news to me, Android Police founder Artem has a Eufy vacuum and likes it. Today, Amazon is offering customers $90 off the RoboVac 12, making the super slim robotic cleaner just $149.99.

The RoboVac 12 is only 2.85" tall, but sports 1500Pa of suction strength in that tiny package, making it perfect for cleaning underneath furniture and in small nooks and crannies. It uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down steep elevation shifts, and the lil' critter automatically returns to its charging station when its battery is getting low.

It can clean up to 100 minutes on a single charge, and has a 3-point cleaning system that lets it clean over most carpets, tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. Eufy even offers a full two years of support if you run into trouble. This $149.99 deal is going on right now over at Amazon, so if you're looking forward to cleaner floors without the hassle, why not let a robot take over the work for you?