Now that Google Play Music is officially buried in the graveyard, all of our music-related hopes and dreams rest in the hands of the YouTube Music team. Google's latest updates improved the Android Auto experience and added Apple Watch support. Now the desktop version of YouTube Music is getting some love in the form of library improvements that make sorting songs easier than ever.

Each section of a user's personal music library can now be sorted in three ways: Recently added, A to Z, and Z to A. Whether you're looking for your favorite Halloween jam or scrolling to find that one artist you just remembered you love, these new sorting options make things quicker to locate. Users have been able to sort library sections like this on the Android app for over a year now, so at least the desktop version is finally catching up.

Every library section can now be sorted alphabetically or by recently added.

YouTube Music has a lot of pain points, but the library on the web is perhaps one of the worst offenders. The vertical list view found in places like the artist tab is a huge waste of screen space, and there aren't quick shortcuts to jump between each letter of the alphabet like there are on Google Play Music. Hopefully today's addition is just the first of many changes soon to come as Google works on making YouTube Music a first-class streaming service worthy of competing with Apple Music and Spotify.