When Google revamped G Suite with a new name earlier this month, it gave makeovers to a number of existing logos as well. Not everyone is a fan of the new look, but like it or not, the new icons have started to show up on a phone near you. It started with the Drive icon, then a wild Gmail icon appeared last week. Now Google Calendar is joining the fray, and you can get the update containing the new logo right now.

Simple shapes are all the rage these days, and the new Calendar icon is about as abstract as you can get. It's pretty much just some colorful rounded rectangles with the current date in the middle, although there is a cheeky little fold mark in the bottom right corner that retains a bit of subtle skeuomorphism. The icon adopts Google's brand colors with this update, which is sure to be confusing when trying to locate any Google app for the next several months.

The "numbers inside a square inside a circle" look isn't my favorite.

The new icon appears to be rolling out with the latest version 2020.42 of the Google Calendar app. If you're a fan of the new look, or just want to get the inevitable change out of the way as soon as possible, go ahead and download the update from APK Mirror or the Play Store.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
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