OnePlus has been managing a series of crises in recent times — it has split from Carl Pei, arguably its most influential co-founder, and is facing stiff, price-competitive adversaries against its newest flagship devices. Now, we can add another one to the pile: the OnePlus Watch.

Max Jambor, a well-known leaks blogger, has learned from multiple sources that the unannounced wearable device that was slated for release sometime this month has been postponed indefinitely. The company had apparently sent out engineering samples to telecom agencies this summer.

Jambor's hunch is that there's been a procedural setback, perhaps in mass production or software. That said, the larger context of what OnePlus is undergoing right now can't easily be ignored — there are the larger challenges and then there are stupid conflicts like OnePlus Buds being flagged by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

All said, though, with how wearables are progressing outside of the Apple Watch ecosystem, a OnePlus Watch should be technically sound for a good while. The question is whether OnePlus will shelf it for a different reason.