Microsoft's Outlook email client has picked up a lot of features recently, from third-party calendar syncing to expanded voice command support. The app's newest addition is one that promises to help users focus on what's important by ignoring conversations that clutter up the inbox.

The Ignore Conversation feature has been around for a while for the desktop app, and now the company's latest update has brought it to Android. When used on an email thread, it sends all current replies to the deleted folder. And unlike Gmail's Mute option, all future replies automatically go straight to the trash bin as well, effectively excising the unwanted conversation from your life.

If you decide to start paying attention to the conversation again, you can manually un-ignore it from the deleted items folder, which moves it back to the inbox and delivers future replies as usual. Ready to ignore some messages? Download the latest version 4.2041.3 of Outlook from APK Mirror or the Play Store now.