LG officially revealed its weird swivel-screened phone last month, dubbed the LG Wing. It's one of the more interesting takes on a dual-screen device we've seen yet, though the $999 price is a lot to pay for an unproven form factor. Thankfully, with AT&T selling the phone, there's a chance you could pay a bit less money.

LG already revealed that both Verizon and AT&T would sell the phone sometime this year, but now we have more concrete information from the latter. AT&T will offer the LG Wing in stores and online starting November 6th, though it will have the same $999 price tag as Verizon. You could potentially get it for as low as $11.67/mo for 30 months (roughly $350) with a valid trade-in, though AT&T's announcement didn't say which phones would give you such a large trade-in value.

The LG Wing will also function on 5G, using both AT&T's "nationwide" low-band network and the company's limited mmWave deployments.