Zoom has seen incredible growth this year and has become one of the most popular video conferencing platforms around. This success has been aided by regular updates that bring useful new features. The latest Zoom update addresses a major security concern, finally adding support for end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

So far, Zoom meetings have been encrypted, but the encryption keys are stored on Zoom's servers. Thankfully Zoom has been working on adding end-to-end support, and it's available now, although several features won't work when it's active.

When using E2EE, users will temporarily lose support for cloud recording, streaming, live transcription, breakout rooms, polling, 1:1 private chat, join-before-host, and meeting reactions. Zoom describes this as phase 1 of 4, so hopefully these features will be compatible as we reach the later phases.

If you want to try out E2EE, you'll need to enable it in your account settings and switch it on for each meeting. Keep in mind that the other participants won't be able to join the meeting if the feature isn't enabled on their account.

The encryption algorithm is the same as Zoom already used. The only difference is where the keys are stored with E2EE — no longer with Zoom.

As well as security enhancements, the latest update includes plenty of new features. YouTube livestreaming is now available on mobile and users can change the ringtone for different types of calls.

The update is rolling out now through the Play Store, or you can grab it at APK Mirror.

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