LG introduced new Tone Free earbuds earlier this year, and saying we didn't like them would be an understatement. Now the company is back with another set of earbuds in the Tone Free lineup that add a key feature — but is it enough to stand out against the crowded competition?

The HBS-FN7 (catchy, right?) are basically an updated version of LG's HBS-FN6 earbuds, meaning they offer comfy in-ear fit, sound tuned by Meridian, and even a fancy charging case that uses ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9% of certain bacteria from the earbuds' inner mesh. (No, it probably isn't effective against COVID-19.) The case also features an LED light on top that reveals the charging level and cleanliness status, which is handy.

What's totally new about these is the active noise cancellation, a first for LG's Tone Free range. The company has outfitted the FN7 with three microphones on each earbud that monitor incoming sound waves and neutralize them. The patented twist-fit "Vortex Ribs" on the adjustable ear gels, along with the new ANC functionality, should help these buds block out a good amount of environmental noise.

They launch today in South Korea, and should also be available in parts of of North America, Europe and Asia starting later this year — although if they sound as uninspiring as the Tone Free buds we reviewed earlier this year, we'd probably recommend skipping this track.

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