Spotify has offered deep integration with Facebook for years, including an option to log in with a Facebook account. The service added an Apple ID login option recently (to comply with new iOS policies), and now Spotify is rolling out an option to create an account through Google.

Spotify on Android now has a 'Continue with Google' option, which allows you to create a Spotify account connected to your Google account. The existing options for logging in with Facebook or creating an independent account are still available. There's no option to connect an existing account to Google, at least not yet.

Spotify blocks screenshots on the login screen, so enjoy a photo.

However, you probably should stick with just creating a regular Spotify account. The Google login button isn't available on all platforms yet, and the only fix is to 'convert' the account to a regular Spotify login by triggering a password reset. Single Sign-On (SSO) options like the Google button also aren't a good idea in general, since they increase the possible damage if your Google account is compromised, and you would lose access to Spotify if your Google account was ever suspended or deleted.

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