Earlier this month, we learned that Verizon was beginning to roll out access to its low-band 5G network. Dubbed "5G Nationwide," the expanded connectivity is now rolling out to a number of 5G-capable devices, including phones from LG like the crazy new Wing device.

Though these devices support 5G already, software updates are needed to allow access to Verizon's low-band coverage. The updates rolling out add support for this capability, as well as bring improved device performance and the September security patch to most devices. Here's the list of devices that we know are receiving the upgrade, with more likely on the way.

Right now, all of Verizon's monthly plans and prepaid plans include access to the 5G Nationwide network, so if you've got one of the supported devices, you'll probably get your first taste of 5G after downloading the latest update.

While it's nice to see Verizon adding more 5G coverage to existing phones, this doesn't mean that 5G is worth getting worked up about yet. As Ryne noted in our previous coverage, just because a connection is 5G doesn't automatically make it faster than 4G. In some cases, users could see slower performance that they would over traditional LTE connections — it just depends on where you are relative to the coverage. And that coverage isn't as good as Verizon would lead you to believe.

LG phones too

This has been updated with new devices from LG added to the list.