Abode Lightroom for Android is a powerful photo editor that lets you do a lot more with your images than just basic tweaking, and the best part is that most features are available for free. With its latest update announced at the recent Adobe Max keynote, the popular app is getting some big additions. Besides a more robust color grading toolset and the option to add images as watermarks, Adobe is bringing a whole bunch of new features to the table.

With a trio of controls, you’ll now be able to individually grade highlights, shadows, and mid-tones to retouch each section of your image. And if you prefer revisiting your project’s previous revisions, Lightroom will now do that automatically with Auto Versions, which you can access from the Versions tab. We also see Lightroom moving beyond text watermarks, with the latest update allowing graphical ones, as well. Using this, you can finally add your logos or personalizations when exporting the image.

Top: Advanced color grading, Bottom: Auto Versions.

Adobe has also introduced an album sorting tool called Best Photos. This feature leverages AI to group similar photos together and picks the best shot among them based on various “photographic principles.” There’s even a toggle to change the quality threshold to keep out weaker images. Best Photos will only be available to premium subscribers.

Other minor features round things out: You’re getting new Learn and Discover tabs, wherein the former helps newbies learn their way around the app, and the latter lets you follow photographers, also giving you a personalized content feed.

All these features are live with Lightroom v6.0 on Android (and its corresponding versions on other platforms). You can either wait for the update to hit your device via the Play Store or pull it straight from APK Mirror.