Last month, Google Shopping added features to make local shopping easier with new information on availability and curbside pickup options. In light of the upcoming holiday season, the search company has now announced that it will add price insights, deal alerts, and more comprehensive shop comparison tools.

Many deals you see during the holiday sales may not be as great as you think they are, and this year, Google Shopping will help you separate the wheat from the chaff. When you search for a product on Google and head to the Shopping tab, a new graph will show you a product's current price compared to typical prices around the web, so you know when you might want to wait a little longer before you buy something.

That's where the second new feature comes in: You can activate price tracking to receive deal alerts for anything you consider buying. You'll need a Google account for this to work. To view a list of all products you're tracking, head to your Google account's My Activity overview.

On a product's Shopping page, you can view and compare a product's prices and purchasing options from many stores. Both local options and online shops are listed. Google will also roll out curbside and in-store pickup over the next few days.

The new Shopping features are now starting to become available to everyone in the US. Let's hope that Google's store selection is big enough to allow for a comprehensive overview. If you want to be sure you're really getting great deals, you might also want to visit Android Police's curated Deals section every once in a while.