It's been requested for years and in the making for months, and now the day has finally come: The Nightly version of Firefox for Android supports pull-to-refresh. A gesture first popularized (and patented) by Twitter back in 2010, it's quickly become as ubiquitous to phones as cars are to streets. Firefox was one of the few holdouts, with developers working out wonky behavior and interferences with some websites.

Pull-to-refresh was first activated in the Nightly back in April but had to be pulled due to a few problems that needed fixing. The team made quite some progress, and now only one known issue remains: Google Maps' bottom sheet still interferes with the gesture. Once the developers find a fix, pull-to-refresh should quickly find its way into the Firefox beta and then the stable release. This might still take a few weeks or even months.

The pull-to-refresh gesture is available in the latest Firefox Nightly release, the most unstable under-development version of the browser — you might not want to use it for your everyday browsing. But if you're curious to see the feature in action (and test a few of your favorite extensions while you're at it), you can download it on the Play Store or APK Mirror.

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