Whether you're able to dig up that voice remote or end up pairing an always-listening Alexa speaker, Amazon is introducing a few new voice commands for you to try on your Fire TV — including a whole new suite that will take advantage of that big canvas in an Echo Show-esque way.

For starters, search is getting refinements: when you ask Alexa to "find action movies," you can follow up with more commands in the results. You can "select #4," "play the trailer," "show me my watchlist," and more.

Alexa is also bringing visual experiences that you'd find on the Echo Show to the Fire TV. "Show me the weather" brings you a forecast. "Show me the nursery camera" pops up that view. There are plenty of other little prompts and skills, all you have to say is "Alexa, show me..."

Here's what the weather looks like on an Echo Show

These new experiences are available with any paired Alexa device (minus the Echo Show and Echo Spot) to your Fire TV.

If both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, just say "Alexa, play The Boys Season 2" (not an ad, but someone tell me if it's actually worth watching, thanks) or "Alexa, open Netflix" or "Alexa, search for The Goes Wrong Show." It will automatically detect the devices and then confirm that you want to pair them up.