We're all on our desktops for video conferences hours on end, but when it comes to hitting up all the people you need to without having to grab the phone you threw into a corner to avoid distraction, well, it's still a dilemma — especially if you use WhatsApp, where voice and video calls are still mobile-only features. But there are signs of a remedy for that need coming soon.

WABetaInfo reports that the WhatsApp clients for the web and desktop OSs will start beta testing voice and video calls as v2.2043.7 rolls out in the next few weeks. The new UI will include voice and video call icons, an incoming call prompt, and a call manager window. Yes, it will support groups.

Of course, anything can change with an unreleased product being what it is, but WhatsApp calls on the web are a pretty short-and-sweet Good Thing we'd like to see happen.