NFC payments are quick, easy, and less germy than swiping a card — but they aren't as widespread as one might think. Samsung uses magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology to make Samsung Pay available at almost any payment terminal around the world, even if the merchant doesn't support NFC platforms like Google Pay or Apple Pay. Now the people behind that tech are back with a new product that promises to simplify the payment process for everyone.

The OV Valet is described as a "superkey" that can hold multiple cards and use NFC and MST technology to make tap-to-pay doable at practically any payment terminal. It uses one-time tokens for every transaction, and doesn't begin transmitting the token until a physical button is pressed for added security.

Unlike Samsung Pay, the OV Valet works with any smartphone whether it runs iOS or Android. The Valet attaches to a key ring and can act as a Bluetooth tracker, so it should come in handy for those who frequently misplace their keys as well.

The idea looks promising, especially if you live in a more rural area where tap-to-pay is the exception, not the standard. It's easier to handle than a wallet full of cards, and honestly, does anyone think swiping your physical card on the same reader that everyone else does is a good idea during a pandemic?

The product is still in the prototype phase right now, meaning that OV Loop has made a working demo, but needs more funds to produce the final product. While backing a crowdfunding campaign is never a surefire guarantee, the fact that the OV Valet comes from the people behind Samsung Pay, LoopPay, Roam Data, and Hypercom is reassuring.

The OV Valet will retail for $99, but during the crowdfunding campaign, backers can buy one for up to 30% off at just $69. 😏