Stadia controllers are notoriously expensive compared to comparable gamepads at $69, and they don't go on sale very often, either. But today, both the controller itself and the Premiere Edition kit that includes a controller and a Chromecast Ultra — usually $100 — are 20 percent off.

It's worth noting that you don't need any Google hardware to try Stadia — it runs in a Chrome browser on basically any computer, and you can play with whatever controller or mouse and keyboard you have right now. You can also play on your phone with a wired or Bluetooth gamepad. But the easiest and least laggy way to get your Stadia games streaming on the big screen is with Google's official kit. Having two first-party controllers is also the only way to play local co-op on a Chromecast Ultra right now.


A 20 percent markdown on the controller shakes out to a final price of $55.20. For the kit, it's $79.99. If you're interested in leveling up (sorry) your Stadia experience, hit either of the links below to grab your kit or controller.