Despite being the largest advertising company in the world, Google hasn't made many unique or interesting ads for its own products. The company switched things up last month with a new 'Pixel vs. Pixel' campaign, a set of adorable videos pitting Pixel phones against a pug named Pixel. Now there are seven new fun videos in the series, comparing software features, price, and other factors.

The videos cover Social Share (a quick share feature on the camera), value, Google Fi, Google Photos, Google Pay, Live Caption, and fast charging. The videos all deem the Pixel phone as the winner, but I think a few of them are too unfair to Pixel the dog. The fast charging ad says you should buy the phone "if you want something that will last," but Pixel phones only receive three years of software support, while pugs live for 14 years on average.

All the new videos are available to watch below, and if you're itching for more, be sure to check out the original set.