Google introduced dynamic emails in March of last year as a way to make it quicker for users to accomplish simple tasks like RSVPing to events and responding to comments directly from the inbox. The Gmail app gained support for the feature in December, and now that more people have access to it, the Google Drive team is announcing that the service will start sending dynamic emails that make managing requests to Drive files much easier.

Starting today, when someone requests access to a Drive file you own, you'll get a dynamic email with the access request. If you use Gmail, you'll be able to respond to the request right from your inbox, choosing the access level to grant directly from the message.

Here's the dynamic Drive email in action.

Previously, users had to open the request for access in a new tab, which, while not exactly difficult to do, required a few more clicks. The new access requests via dynamic email will work in Gmail on the web, as well as in the Android and iOS apps.

The feature begins rolling out today, and should be the new default for everyone around the end of the month.