Google tends to play it safe when it comes to the design of its Pixel lineup, but that doesn't mean Pixel owners have to settle for a boring look. While most folks wouldn't consider Google's hardware design very exciting, there's no denying that the company's official fabric cases look a lot more fetching. And right now, the Google Store is offering 50% off Pixel 4 and Pixel 3a fabric cases, dropping the price to just $20.

With exclusive fabrics that are designed and knit to perfectly fit your Pixel, there aren't many options as attractive as these out there. The have a soft microfiber lining inside to cushion the phone against scratches, and the edges of the case are raised to provide peace-of-mind if you're a frequent phone fumbler.

$40 is a lot of money for a case, but $20 for these official fabric cases is practically a no-brainer.

The latest Pixel phones kicked Active Edge to the curb, but the Pixel 4 and 3a still support squeezing to activate the Assistant, and these fabric cases do too. The Pixel 4 case comes in Sorta Smoky, Just Black, Blue-ish, and (the objectively superior color) Could be Coral. Pixel 3a owners get to choose from Carbon, Fog, and Seascape.

Google's fabric cases excel at offering a fair bit of protection along with a generous helping of style that you won't get from any other kind of case. They're normally priced at $40, which is a bit too much, but $20 is a much more attractive deal. And if you're a Google One members, you'll also get $2 back in store credit. If you're a Pixel 4 or 3a owner considering shelling out big bucks for one of the recently unveiled Pixel devices, why not try giving your current phone a new look instead?