Even the most sophisticated technology is rendered useless without power. In a roundup of our favorite USB-C charging banks, Omni's 20+ portable power bank made the top 5. Now Omnicharge is back with the Omni Off-Grid. It's being billed as the world's first power station with integrated off-grid connectivity — and it costs over $2,099, though interested buyers can save some money by backing the crowdfunding campaign.

The Off-Grid packs a lot of power into a reasonably compact size. It has a bunch of ports including 4 USB-C ports, 4 USB-A ports, a 12V car port, and even 4 regular old AC outlets. The capacity is rated at 1500Wh, but that can be doubled with Omni's backup batteries. The Off-Grid recharges in 3 hours at 800W input, and is capable of drawing power from nearly any source, including good old fashioned sunshine (when paired with solar panels).

Along with powerful specs, the power station includes an LCD screen that displays key info like the current battery charge and wattage output. It can even be controlled via Bluetooth thanks to the Omnicharge mobile app. The promise of integrated off-grid connectivity comes in the form of an add-on that creates a long-distance private mesh network for communication and geolocation purposes.

The retail price is set at $2,099, but the company is offering early bird pricing discounts. A select number of fast-fingered folks can still snag the Off-Grid for up to 38% off during Omni's Indiegogo campaign. While the Omni Off-Grid certainly isn't for everyone, it could come in quite handy if civilization collapses by the end of 2020.

Crowdfunding campaign is live

This has been updated to reflect that the Indiegogo campaign is now live.