Google has been making smart displays with Assistant for over two years now, but they've functioned more or less the same that entire time. Some models have upgraded features, like the wide-angle lens on the Nest Hub Max, but the core software experience hasn't changed. That's no longer the case, as Google is finally rolling out the upgraded UI that was first spotted in September.

Right now, when you swipe to the left on an Assistant smart display, you get a single row of cards with recommendations for news clips, playlists or albums from streaming services, YouTube videos, podcasts in Google Podcasts, and so on. Google is replacing this with a tabbed interface, with separate sections for 'Your morning,' 'Home control,' 'Media,' 'Communicate,' and 'Discover.'

The tabs are fairly self-explanatory: 'Your morning' shows reminders and weather information, 'Home control' appears to replace the swipe-down smart home controls, 'Media' suggests videos or shows from connected services (YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, and so on), 'Communicate' allows you to start a call or meeting using Google Meet or Duo (or Zoom, later this year), and 'Discover' walks you through using common commands and features.

The new interface isn't the only change coming to smart displays. Google is finally adding support for multiple accounts, so you can see all your calendar events and meetings, regardless of which email they are connected to. Google Meet on the Nest Hub Max is also being updated to keep you in frame as you move around a room, and the long-awaited dark theme is finally rolling out. Finally, all smart displays will get the 'Sunrise Alarms' that the Lenovo Smart Clock launched with last year.