Phones charge faster and last longer than they ever have before, but they still require power to work. Since you've got to plug them in at some point, odds are you have a daily habit. So we're curious to know: When do you usually charge your phone?

Anecdotally, even though most of my phones can go more than a day between charges, I still plug in every night to keep it topped up for the next day. (That is, unless I'm reviewing a phone, in which case I'll try to run it absolutely dry at least a few times.) But in general, my caveman brain says full=good, leaving me with less worry starting each day at 100%.

With our modern super-fast charging speeds, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that many of our readers have specific habits to stretch out battery longevity. After all, sitting at full all night does slightly increase long-term wear on the battery. Some phones even adjust how charging works to reduce that. And you can just as easily plug some phones in when you wake up and have it charged by your morning coffee or shower.

We're sure charging habits vary, and I bet some of you feel strongly about yours, so we're curious to hear about it. When do you plug your phone in?

When do you usually charge your phone each day?

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