It's almost Halloween again, and you know what that means: the option for spooky seasonal sounds from your Nest Hello doorbell. There's no better way to get in the spirit than some scary noises yourself every time someone's at your front door.

Google released this functionality around this time last year, though we suspect there will be fewer people out to appreciate the spookiness this year thanks to a certain virus that's been floating around. Here's a sample of the sounds from last year:

If you'd like to enable these sounds for your Nest Hello, just head into your Nest app settings to find the "Doorbell theme" option, then select "Spooky sounds." Here's hoping that Google figured out how to let people revert to the regular ding-dong sound this time around.

More details

Google has published a blog post and an updated support document regarding the Halloween sounds. There are six sounds this year: Eerie Ghost, Bloodcurdling Vampire, Scary Monster, Cackling Witch, and new for 2020, Black Cat and Werewolf. Additionally, the feature seems to be available in Canada this year in addition to the US.

The sounds will only be available until November 1st, so freak out the mailman and your friends while you can.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free