Too many settings can be overwhelming for some people, which is why Samsung breaks out some of One UI's in-depth customization options into a separate app called Good Lock. The app was recently updated with a new module called Keys Cafe, which includes detailed settings for keyboard customization. With custom layouts, new themes, games that improve your typing accuracy, and even typing effects, it blows Gboard's theme options out of the water.

The main attraction is designing your own keyboard, using a similar UI to the one found in Theme Park. All you need to do is choose a color and cycle through the suggested styles. There are plenty of preset themes to choose from as well, in case you aren't feeling creative.

You can choose different styles and colors based on whether dark mode is on or not, which is a nice touch. There are several effects that will trigger each time you tap a key, as well as how the accent color will present itself on a keypress. There's room for endless customization, as seen in the video above. Something to note is that these settings are separate from your theme. These settings are independent of your theme — if you make your own or use a preset, these settings will remain the same unless you change them yourself.

The screen for custom layouts has a plethora of features to optimize your typing experience. You can add a row of your favorite emoji and emoticons, as well as arrow keys at the very top. Taping a key allows you to increase its size and change, as well as the long-press action. If you want, you can totally rearrange the keys themselves or add emoji and symbols in their place. Tired of using QWERTY like everyone else? Well, now you can make your own keyboard layout.

There are two games included in Keys Cafe — Sentence Practice and Word Rain — designed to improve your accuracy while typing. Sentence Practice gives you phrases to type out and scores you based on time and mistakes made. Word Rain is a bit more fun, having you protect Sally from the incoming downpour. Each word that drops down represents a raindrop, and if you don't type it in time, the water level will increase. It's Tetris with words. And rain. And someone named Sally who you've never met.

Keys Cafe is available for all Samsung devices running One UI 2.5, and it's not immediately clear if One UI 3.0 is compatible. If Good Lock isn't available in your region, we have you covered at APK Mirror.