Google Recorder is already a pretty neat solution to live transcribe your voice notes with near-perfect accuracy right on Pixel phones. The app picked up a ton of features earlier this week with its second big update, and it doesn’t look like Google is willing to stop there. A new teardown reveals an unannounced feature in Recorder that could let users automatically back up their recordings to Google Drive.

Once officially released, the syncing feature will automatically upload your recording and their associated transcripts to Drive, much like Google Photos, though these files will use up your cloud storage space. This should remove the need to manually back up these recordings, which you must do currently to have a second copy in case of accidental deletions. Right now, you lose all your Recorder files if you clear app data or uninstall it entirely.

Triggering the feature in the Recorder 2.0 app results in the screenshots above. The app’s Drive syncing UI is reminiscent of Photos and even gives you the option to enable backup over mobile data. While deleting a particular recording the app will now ask you if you want to erase the offline file only, or its online copy, as well. Going for the latter permanently deletes the file, and it’s irreversible, the app warns.

It isn’t clear exactly when the feature will be released for everyone, but given how complete this implementation looks, it shouldn’t be that far out.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free