Even as Samsung is busy adding new features to its phones with the One UI 3 beta, it is still finding time to improve Good Lock. A new update to Home Up allows you to customize your sharesheet and fixes all of the gripes I've had with it since the beginning. 

First of all, I admit that putting these new features inside Home Up is a little strange, considering this module is meant for launcher customization. Regardless, this is an incredibly useful update that I'm grateful to have. Once you've updated the app, you'll find a new share manager menu. Open it up, and you'll be greeted with the new goodies this update has to offer.

Up top is a preview of what your sharesheet will look like with the current settings applied, and this will change as you fiddle around with things. The first two toggles are fairly self-explanatory, allowing you to show or hide the file information of what you're sharing, as well as toggling the nearby share shortcut.

One UI has allowed users to disable direct share for a long time now, and a shortcut to this setting is here in Home Up, along with the option to choose what it shows. One of the reasons I always turned it off was its inability to predict where I wanted to share things accurately. It would constantly suggest apps and contacts that I never used, totally defeating the purpose.

Now, you can go in and choose what it can and can't suggest, either on a per-app basis or by choosing individual recipients from each app. Direct share can then finally fulfill its purpose — offering quick access to your most contacted friends. Another problem with direct share was how long it would take to load due to it figuring out who to suggest. Now that you've chosen for it, that time delay is nonexistent.

Finally, we can now choose which apps appear on the sharesheet. I have 394 apps installed on my phone, so scrolling through the share menu was a tiring process if I needed something toward the bottom. Home Up now lets you choose exactly what apps can appear here, blacklisting everything else. If you look at the top of the left image, you'll see a toggle labeled "Add an icon to reveal hidden apps." Enabling this will add an all-apps option to your sharesheet, so if you ever want to share something to an app you haven't added, you can click that to reveal the complete list.

Even more useful is the ability to choose individual targets from an app, as seen in the right image. Usually, Instagram would show three shortcuts in the share menu: direct, feed, and stories. You can quickly add all three using the top toggle next to the app name, or if you only need one of those options, you can select that individually. In my case, I use direct messages the most, so I added that to my sharesheet but left feed and stories unticked. This works for every app that offers more than one share target, which is most of them.

Home Up is available on the Galaxy Store via Good Lock and is compatible with all Samsung devices running One UI 2.5. If Good Lock isn't available in your region, we have you covered over at APK Mirror.