Mozilla rolled out the new Firefox for Android to everyone two months ago, and while it was missing many features compared to the older version at first, the app is slowly improving. Firefox 82 has just reached Release Candidate status (meaning it's close to release), and the update includes an easier way to get your closed tabs back.

On most mobile browsers, closing a tab shows a popup message for a few seconds that allows you to re-open it, in case the action was a mistake. However, there's not always an easy way to restore a tab after the messages go away. Firefox 82 addresses this with a new 'Recently closed tabs' option in the tab list, which displays the last five tabs you have cleared. This is another feature that was present on the older Firefox codebase ('Fennec'), but only now has it been added to the new browser.

Mozilla is also bringing some of the Tracking Protection 2.0 functionality from the desktop browser to mobile. Firefox on desktop platforms clears all local data from websites if you don't interact with them for 45 days, intended to prevent long-term tracking. This is a less-intense version of what Apple implemented in Safari earlier this year, though Safari has a much smaller window of seven days. Firefox for Android now clears cookies and all local data from websites after they are not visited for 30 days.

The rest of the changes in Firefox 82 are relatively minor: pinned sites in the new tab page now display a pin icon, Favicons have a more consistent appearance in the Bookmarks and History pages, and so on. The update is still in the Release Candidate stage, so if you want to try out the improvements, you can either install Firefox Beta from the Play Store or download the APK at the source link below.